Fall 2017 Registration

Online Registration:

Walk-In Registration:

Thursday, May 18 6:00-8:00 pm
Lower Swatara Township Building
1499 Spring Garden Drive
Middletown, PA 17057


Registration Fees – collected cover a variety of costs for the program: league fees (CPYSL), referee costs and field supplies.

2017-2018 costs are as follows:

  • U6 = $60
  • U8-Older = $75 Recreational Only
  • U9 & U10 = $75 Select
  • U11 and older = $85 Select

Additional Fees

  • Select players may have a uniform fee
  • There is a $25 FUND RAISING fee PER FAMILY. This cost can be recovered by participating in the Fall Fundraiser. (Details of the Fundraiser will be available in August)


No refunds will be provided after JULY 1, 2017

Olmsted FALL 2017 Soccer Tryouts


Olmsted Family,

We wanted to provide an update about tryouts. At this time, we cannot with certainty commit to having tryouts this Sunday April 9th. Our fields have absorbed a lot of water over the last month. We are committed to providing a safe environment for each player. We are also committed to keep are fields in the best shape possible for our teams this spring and in the fall. Unfortunately, the rain today has put this weekend’s select games in doubt as well as Sunday’s tryouts.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. We will monitor our fields very closely over the next couple of days to determine if we will be able to have tryouts Sunday. If we are unable to conduct tryouts, we will start to determine are next possible makeup date(s). As soon as we have finalized those dates, we will send an update with the specific details of our final tryout session.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this situation.

Olmsted Soccer Board


Hello Olmsted Families! In preparation for the FALL soccer season, we will be holding tryouts for all teams. The City Islanders will be on site to evaluate those trying out!

Tryouts are designed to build our competitive travel teams. Anyone (new, returning, travel and recreational) wishing to be considered is required to attend. Returning players are required to tryout as well. If you are ONLY interested in recreational soccer, you do not need to attend.

SIGN UPS for Recreation and Travel will open online around mid-April. You will receive information about this at another time.

ALL INTERESTED players should plan to attend both sessions.



SUNDAY March 26 at 4200 CHAMBERS HILL RD (indoors, behind Target, across from Gold’s Gym…we will have signs and balloons so you can find us!)
For session ONE, you MUST tryout in your assigned age bracket.


Sunday APRIL 2 at Greenfield Soccer fields (weather permitting).
At session TWO, those players wishing to play ‘up’ an age level can tryout up.

Tryouts are broken down by age:
U9-U10 at NOON
U11-U12 at 1:00 PM
U13-UP at 2:00 PM

Born Plays
2000 U18
2001 U17
2002 U16
2003 U15
2004 U14
2005 U13
2006 U12
2007 U11
2008 U10
2009 U9
2010 U8
2011 U7


2017 Organizational Meeting

Hello Olmsted Families!

Sunday, January 29th at 6:30pm

Each January, OLMSTED begins to organize for Fall soccer. It’s no small task to get these amazing 300+ kids on the fields.
As a Board member for the past three years, I will tell you that seeing those excited faces on opening day makes all the behind the scenes efforts worthwhile.

Last year was challenging as we adjusted to the many changes laid out by US Youth Soccer… primarily the restructuring of the age brackets and the sizes of the fields/teams.
THIS YEAR, we are excited for some of our own planned ‘upgrades’:

  • UK soccer trainers for the RECREATIONAL LEVEL
  • Private trainers for the travel level
  • Joint training for U6 teams in small clinics for earlier skills acquisition
  • Training clinics for recreational coaches

By far, our proudest achievement over the years is keeping costs low by depending as much as possible on volunteers.

THAT’S WHERE YOU COME IN. We need your help. We need coaches and board members and field helpers. We need fundraiser and concession stand organizers.
Your commitment can be as much or as little as you want to give.
More hands make less work for everyone.
In a dream world, we’d have coaches volunteering NOW so that by fall we are READY TO GO!

At Sunday’s meeting, we will have elections for new Board Members.
We have adopted a 2 year cycle. Keeping our officers in place for two years helps continuity.
The open positions are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Select Commissioner
  • Director of Operations

Board members whose positions are not up for election are:

  • Treasurer (Julie Kahler)
  • Registrar (Jennifer LeKites)
  • Intramural Commissioner (Dave Wright)
  • U6 Commissioner (Tariq Aman)
  • Compliance officer (Mindy Dunlap)
  • Director of Player Development (Matt Krasja)
  • IF you are interested in running for an open board position , please email CHRIS KAHLER at

ORSA Soccer Night

Date: Tuesday, October 11th
Game: Milton Hershey
Location: War Memorial Field
(behind Giant Foods)
Time: JV game 5:30 pm
Varsity game 7:00 pm
  • Any ORSA player who wears their uniform shirt will get in free.
  • Please do not bring soccer balls into the stadium.
  • Players are to sit with their coach or a parent during the game.

UK Soccer 2016 Camp

UK Soccer Ballyhoo Crew

Date: August 1-5
Location: Greenfield Park Soccer Complex

Camp Ages Time Cost
Youth 7-9 4pm – 8pm $145
Premier 10-12 4pm – 8pm $145
Elite 13-15 4pm – 8pm $145
Team 9-15 4pm – 8pm $1,200
Kickers 3-4 4pm – 5pm $70
Nippers 5-6 5pm – 7pm $95
Goalkeepers 8-15 7pm – 8pm $70*

* Goalkeepers $50 if participating in Youth, Premier, or Elite Camp

UK Soccer KidsDirected by UK Soccer professional British coaches, the objective of our soccer camp programs is to provide the player the opportunity to have fun while learning the fundamental techniques necessary to play the game. The programs we offer are focused at individual skill development with different technical curriculums that are specific to each age and ability, ranging from the three year old kicker, who is being introduced to the beautiful game for the first time, to the experienced Elite player looking to fine tune his skills in preparation for fall Travel, Premier or High school soccer. Includes FREE UK Camp ball, T-Shirt & Written Evaluation

Register online at or call (717) 825-2060


Olmsted Fall 2016-17 Registration is OPEN

Online Registration:
Registration Site


Registration Fees – collected cover a variety of costs for the program: league fees (CPYSL), referee costs and field supplies.
2016-2017 costs are as follows:

  • U6 = $60
  • U8-Older = $75 Recreational Only
  • U9 & U10 = $75 Select
  • U11 and older = $85 Select

Additional Fees

  • Select players may have a uniform fee
  • There is a $25 FUND RAISING fee PER FAMILY. This cost can be recovered by participating in the Fall Fundraiser. (Details of the Fundraiser will be available in August)


No refunds will be provided beyond JULY 1, 2015.
OLMSTED Refund Policy

2016-17 Olmsted Select Tryout Announcement

Olmsted Select soccer will be holding our boys and girls tryouts for the first time at In The Net. Tryouts will be held on March 12th and April 2nd.

    In The Net Sports Complex
    798 Airport Rd
    Palmyra, PA 17078

March 12th tryouts will be held on In The Net‘s outdoor artificial turf field:

  • U9-U11 will be held from 10am to 11am
  • U12-U15 will be held from 11am to 12pm

April 2nd will be held on In The Net’s indoor artificial turf field.

  • U9-U11 will be held from 2pm to 3pm
  • U12-U15 will be held from 3pm to 4pm

All current U8 – U15 Olmsted recreational and select players should attend tryouts. Because online registration is not currently available, each player will need to fill out an RG-6 form. Additionally RG-6 forms will be available at the tryout facility.

If you have any questions concerning Olmsted Select tryouts, please contact Jennifer LeKites Registrar; or Lenny Yospa Select Commissioner; or Matt Krajsa Director of Player Development

Changes to Youth Soccer FAQ

It’s hard to look ahead to the Fall Soccer season before Spring Baseball even gets started! But, there are BIG changes coming down from the NATIONAL LEVEL (US YOUTH SOCCER) that ORSA will be adopting this FALL 2016. We wanted to start talking to our families about them. We are providing you with information regarding the significant changes coming to youth soccer. Here’s what we know, what we plan to do and what additional information is still needed.

Who is initiating these changes?

In recent years, US Soccer has been discussing moving from our current age group format based on the school year to one based on the calendar year. Calendar year is used around the world, and for our state, regional and national teams. In July, US Soccer made the decision that the change to calendar year would be mandatory beginning in 2017, and recommended that the state associations adopt this change in 2016. FYI – US Soccer runs the show. They set the rules for youth soccer (USYSA) to follow.

What are the changes?

The change causing the biggest impact is the change in age groups to birth year, but there are other mandated changes regarding the number of players on the field for younger age groups. U6-U8 will be 4v4, U9-U10 will be 7v7, U11-U12 will be 9v9. Three different field sizes are needed for this structure along with some new goal sizes. Full sized fields with 11v11 begins at U13 Select as it currently does.

Why are they making these changes?

With regard to the age groups, they say it’s to align with the rest of the world and that it makes it easier to identify players for higher level training programs. Further they say it’s an easier age system to understand. US Soccer continues to try to find ways to build better soccer players that can help the US compete at the international level. While there are many opponents to this change with very rational arguments, it is a done deal. It must be done and clubs have the task of figuring out how. The small sided games are supposed to provide more touches for younger players so they develop better skills and enjoy the game more.

When are the changes effective?

US Soccer recommends starting in 2016-2017 (next season) but is not mandating until 2017-2018. What we are finding though is that 94% of the state associations have already made the decision to move to the calendar year model in 2016-2017. This effects state cup competitions in the spring of 2017 for the 2016-2017 soccer season. Further leagues such as PAGS have already decided to change to calendar year for the 2016-2017 soccer season. CPYSL had a meeting on November 11th to discuss this change with its members and the Executive Director of EPYSA in attendance and will be adopting. We believe it is US Soccer’s desire to have clubs change to the birth year in all their programs. Given the complexity this will add to online registration systems having two different age group criteria would make it even more complex and more confusing to parents and players. Since recreational soccer doesn’t have the strict rules on birth certificates there may be some flexibility in how we group these players and teams. Further we will need to discuss this with other clubs participating in our recreational leagues, SHOLD, CHLD.

What are Select tournaments going to do?

That is an unknown but we would expect that the majority of tournaments will need to move to the new age groups next year, 2016-2017. Most will follow the lead of their state association and make the change.

What are other clubs going to do?

While we don’t have confirmation from very many clubs we know that some of the larger clubs in our area are considering making the change in 2016-2017 as we are.

How will the changes affect our current teams?

In looking at purely the DOB/birth year data every team is impacted. Statistically most teams are cut in half with a few exceptions.

What if we don’t implement the changes as a club until 2017-2018?

The intramural program would not be affected as much as the Select program. The Select program is impact is unknown since we have not been told how many “under age” players could “play up” in this new system. If there are no limits, technically current teams could stay together and play up. The problem with this approach is that they could be playing at a significant disadvantage in leagues, tournaments and state cups against other clubs that make the move next year. Under this scenario a large portion of a team could be playing against players up to a year and a half older. At the younger ages (U9 to U14) where grow/player size is a distinguishing factor this could be a significant disadvantage. If there are limits established for the number of players “playing up” this would further solidify the mandate to change to birth year next year.

Will we be able to field teams in every age group?

In short, yes. Without knowing what new players this may bring to our club,further analysis of the birth year age groups in conjunction with coaches of those age groups will help give us a better understanding in planning teams.

How will it affect coaching assignments?

Significant detailed planning needs to be done with each age group before this can be resolved. As we get into the more detailed planning part of this we will start with a coaches meeting and gather your input, concerns and wishes. You will be a part of the decision making process in forming new teams but it may get to a point where the club management needs to decide.

How will Select tryouts be handled next spring?

Tryouts were difficult at best before this change, now they will be overwhelmingly difficult next year. That’s why much planning has to happen before tryouts even begin. We will need to conduct current player evaluations and have coaches input. The new Director of Player Development will be key to pulling this all together.

Will we still allow players to tryout “up”?

We must talk about this and place some limits on it or we end up with the undersized team problem discussed above. We will continue to encourage and support players who have the ability to play up to do that. As always those players must be evaluated to be in the top group of that older age group team. Generally, we will be encouraging all players to tryout in their age group. More thought needs to go into how to handle this challenge that may arise.

How will this information about the birth year and our club plans be conveyed within the club?

If we continue in the direction we feel we must go and make the changes next year, all planning and information sharing with coaches, players and parents needs to occur between now and early 2016. We have discussed the option of having a parent meeting/forum before spring 2016. All parents would be invited and we would discuss the changes and gather their input. We recognize this will cause a lot of anxiety and uncertainty among players, parents and coaches and will do our best to keep them informed of what we know and how we plan to address it. We are committed to keeping you informed along the way and want as much of your input as you can provide. The entire youth soccer community is being affected by this change and we are committed to making it happen as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What is the next step?

Over the past several months, the ORSA Board members have been discussing these changes and the impact they will have on our club. We appreciate your patience as we figure out how to best implement the new guidelines. We are putting together early tryouts to start the process. The current tryout date is scheduled for March 12th and April 2nd. More information will be out Wednesday. March 2nd.

Jennifer LeKites
ORSA Registrar

If you have questions about what you’ve read here, I will do my best to answer them. Email me at

2016 Annual General Meeting

NOTE: The 2016 Annual General Meeting, originally scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 27th is being postponed until Sunday, January 31st at 6:30pm, Lower Swatara Township Building.

We are still in need volunteers and a parent letter will be sent shortly discussing the big changes coming to youth soccer.

This past fall, Olmsted Soccer changed the board from 1-year terms to 2-year rotating terms. We have also created two new board positions, Director of Player Development and Director of Operations. For 2016, all positions will be open for nominations. Half of the board will be open for a 1 year term and half of the board will be open for 2 year term. Please see below the board positions that are open and their term for the 2016 elections:

Executive Committee:

  • President (1-year term)
  • Vice-President (1-year term)
  • Secretary (1-year term)
  • Treasurer (1-year term)
  • Registrar (2-year term)

Voting Board Members:

  • Select Commissioner (1-year term)
  • Intramural Commissioner (2-year term)
  • U6 Commissioner (2-year term)
  • Compliance Officer (2-year term)
  • Director of Player Development (New) (2-year term)
  • Director of Operations (New) (1-year term)

Other Positions Needed (appointed by President and approved by the board of directors):

  • 2 – At-large board positions
  • Concession Coordinator
  • Corporate Fundraiser
  • Referee Coordinator

If you are interested or know someone that would be interested, please email nominations to Chris Kahler at


Important General Meeting December 2

Changes to Youth Soccer and Olmsted Soccer

Olmsted’s board has decided to make our next board meeting a general meeting. We need and want your participation. We will be discussing the changes to youth soccer that will be coming next season. We will also be discussing possible changes to Olmsted soccer. The meeting will be held on December 2nd at 7:30pm Lower Swatara Lions Club.

By declaring this a general meeting, we are providing an opportunity for all members (registered families) to have their say in the process and the changes to come, as we are trying to position ourselves for the future.

You can review the changes to youth soccer at the following link:

You can find the proposed changes to ORSA in the pdf below. We have also provided the current ByLaws to compare the changes with the current language.

PDF Document ORSA Current By-Laws
ORSA By-Laws Proposed Changes

Thank you and I hope to see you all next week,
John Cuneo
President – Olmsted Soccer

UPDATE: Information for the Board meeting is provided in This Board Packet